Sane Rooy Zanjan Company (private joint-stock company) was established in an area of 33,786 square meters and began working with the following objectives:
The production zinc slab with the annual capacity of 11,000 tons.
Production of zinc powder with the annual capacity of 1,500 tons
Cake washing unit with a production capacity of 2,000 tons of zinc metal annually.
This company was registered on 1384/4/8, and since the beginning of 1386 by taking advantage of experienced experts and using modern and advanced equipment started the production of zinc slabs and since the beginning of 1390 mass production of zinc powder was started. Phase 3 of this project is still underway.

Board of Directors

NAMEorganization level
Seyyed Massud Chavoshi Chairman of the Board
Davoud SaghaeiManaging Director & Vice Chairman
Massoud SaghaeiBoard Member
Sadegh Bahmani ZanjaniBoard Member
Hosein BagheriBoard Member