Biological Role

History of Zinc Industry

Zinc is one of the essential elements of human life that is necessary for his survival and life. Zinc deficiency in animals causes weight gain. Zinc is found in Zinc Finger Proteins and enzymes such as Super Oxide Dismutase. According to many sources, taking zinc pills can protect against colds and flu. However, there is still disagreement on this issue.
In fact, zinc is a trace mineral that has the highest levels in the body after iron. Zinc is mainly stored in muscles, but is also found in white and red blood cells, the retina, bones, skin, kidneys, liver, and pancreas. The prostate gland in men has the highest amount of zinc compared to other organs.
Some research and studies have shown the most effective zinc pills in preventing and reducing the symptoms of colds. You can easily buy zinc pills from a pharmacy to treat colds