Physical Properties

History of Zinc Industry

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Atomic weight 65.38 Density 7.133 Melting point 419.83 ° C Degree of hardness in units of 2.5 mohs with capacity 2 in group IIB Periodic table with natural isotopes 70-68-66-64 and radioactive isotopes 72-71-69-69-65-63 soft-63 Hammer white is a water-soluble, grayish-gray hammer that is soluble in acids and bases and insoluble in water. [1]
Zinc is a metal mined in Vielle Montagne and Zinkgruvan and used for plating steel. Reacts slowly like other metals. It combines with oxygen and other non-metals and reacts with dilute acid to release hydrogen gas. It is the fourth most commonly used metal and after iron, aluminum and copper is the most produced metal. The common oxidation state of this element is +2.